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Truthful and Fearless: Talking Through Vaccine Hesitancy Using the C.A.S.E. Approach

Derek Weyhrauch, MD and Nicole Callahan, APRN, CNP

Actions to take when parents express hesitancy about vaccines.

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  • 0:00

    Introduction and Goals

  • 0:31

    Case Study and Anti-Vaccine Logic

  • 0:55

    Anti-Vax Movement Logic Test

  • 1:43

    Talk Objectives

  • 2:03

    Parental Vaccine Hesitancy

  • 5:47

    Using C.A.S.E. - Corroborate, About Me, Science, Explain

  • 7:57

    Science Behind Vaccine Impact to the Immune System

  • 12:22

    Science Behind Vaccine Impact during Sick Visit

  • 16:25

    Science Behind Vaccine Incipients