Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Geriatrics

Nursing Home Pearls or How to Enjoy Practicing in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Lowell C. Dale, MD

Provides examples of strategies and resources that can create a more rewarding nursing home practice.

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  • 4:18

    Learning Objectives and OIG Reporting

  • 6:56

    U.S. Demographics of Nursing Homes and Overarching Goal

  • 11:14

    What it takes to make this work

  • 21:59

    Medication Management

  • 29:49

    Gradual Dose Reduction: Psychopharmacological Medications

  • 32:07

    Choosing Wisely - AMDA

  • 32:58

    Hospice in the Nursing Home

  • 34:34

    The Blessings of a Nursing Home Practice