Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Neurology

Trouble Sleeping? Tips on Managing Insomnia

Michael Silber, M.B., Ch.B.

What are the key elements of effective sleep hygiene?
How effective are over the counter agents in treating insomnia?
How do I choose which pharmacologic therapy to recommend?
For patients who require long-term pharmacologic therapy, what are the most appropriate options?

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  • 0:00

    Introduction and Objectives

  • 1:43

    Case History: 52 year old woman

  • 2:21

    Insomnia. How common is it?

  • 3:58

    Diagnosis and Contributing Factors

  • 5:00

    Factors Contributing to Insomnia OOP3RS

  • 8:22

    ABC of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT-1)

  • 15:00

    How effective is CBT-1

  • 16:41

    Drugs used for Insomnia

  • 22:38

    Other FDA Approved Hypnotic Agents

  • 25:15

    Non Hypnotics with Sedating Properties

  • 27:20

    OTC Agents

  • 28:05

    Putting it Togther: Take Home Points